On Phrike

Douglas Cairns on phrike

For an example of the ETT‘s members research, check out two public talks by our PI Douglas Cairns: The Horror and the Pity: Phrike as a Tragic Emotion (2014)       Language, Literature, and History in the Study of Emotion (2016)   Douglas Cairns – Language, literature, and history in the study of emotion from The World As We Feel It on Vimeo.

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Aglae Pizzone

Aglae Pizzone is a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre for Medieval Literature, jointly hosted by the University of Southern Denmark and University of York, and a member of ETT‘s network. Aglae obtained degrees in Classics from the universities of Florence (1999) and Milan (2003) and held numerous prestigious fellowships and research appointments since 2004. She was a fellow a the École Pratique des Hautes Etudes-CNRS in Paris, Dumbarton Oaks Research Library and Collection and the Seeger Center for…

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Matteo Zaccarini

Matteo is ETT‘s Academic Network Facilitator since November 2016.   Born and bred in Italy, near Ravenna, I had my BA in Cultural Heritage and MA in Ancient History (both at Bologna), then a PhD in Ancient History (2013) in co-tutelle between Bologna and King’s College London, with a doctoral partnership with UNC Chapel Hill. My PhD thesis proposes a historical reconstruction of the period of Cimon son of Miltiades, ca.…

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