Matteo is ETT‘s Academic Network Facilitator since November 2016.


Born and bred in Italy, near Ravenna, I had my BA in Cultural Heritage and MA in Ancient History (both at Bologna), then a PhD in Ancient History (2013) in co-tutelle between Bologna and King’s College London, with a doctoral partnership with UNC Chapel Hill. My PhD thesis proposes a historical reconstruction of the period of Cimon son of Miltiades, ca. 480-450 BC, aiming to reconsider settled stereotypes such as the notion of philolaconism before the Peloponnesian war, ‘propaganda’ and politics, aristocratic protagonism, democracy vs oligarchy. It is currently under contract for publication with Bononia University Press as a monograph titled ‘The Lame Hegemony. Cimon of Athens and the Failure of Panhellenism, ca. 480-450 BC’.


My main research interests are archaic and classical Greek history, ancient historiography, Greek political discourse, and generally the later reception of the idea of a classical Greek period. My research expertise includes a 3-year postdoc fellowship (Bologna-Ravenna, 2010-13), and several shorter research fellowships (2014-15) at Verona, Birkbeck College, and Edinburgh (IASH). Currently, I am adjunct professor (Greek history – advanced course) in Trieste, students tutor (Bologna, Greek and Latin Summer school), and copyeditor for the Brill’s New Jacoby digital project. I have trained my IT skills through Summer/Winter schools and workshops at Leipzig, Bologna, UCL, Università del Piemonte Orientale, in Content Management System, basic xml, EpiDoc and Leiden+, basic LaTeX, Adobe InDesign.


Role in the project

Matteo coordinates the network’s meetings and communications, co-develops the project’s website and online repository, and provides feedback for the study of the ancient sources and for the copyediting and arrangement of the final publication.


To learn more about Matteo’s research, visit his page.

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